Newark Bike Rack

Newark-designed, Newark-made

hector newark bike rack1.jpg

While it may appear similar to some bike racks you’ve seen before, spend some time around the Newark Bike Rack and its special spirit, honest details, and generous thickness may become apparent. With funding that required all fabrication to happen inside city limits, the Newark Planning Office developed this design in consultation with local fabricators at Mainsource Metalfab LLC at 59-61 Poinier Street, featuring a metallized and powder-coated bent steel tube finished with circular metal plates. A small contribution to Bolt-On City, manifesting new relationships and cooperative economics in the public realm, a step towards a city where even street furniture builds cooperative economics and tells a proud story.

hector newark bike rack2.jpg
Newark Bike Rack
Newark Planning Office: Damon Rich with Perris Straughter and Natalia O’Neill-Vega 
with City of Newark Urban Enterprise Zone and Mainsource Metalfab LLC
Newark, New Jersey